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Tamir Publishing Ltd.

P.O.B 1513, Even-Yehuda

Israel 40500

+972-54-2360235 Dorit

About Us

Tamir\\publishing is a publishing house focused on translating English and French classical and modern fiction to Hebrew.
Tamir\\publishing aims to bring the Israeli public new, high-quality translations of classic works, that have or have not been translated in the past, as well as introducing the Hebrew speaking public to new and fresh voices in literature, with emphasis on literature originating in Ireland, Switzerland, Wales, and more.
The company was founded by Shai Sendik, a translator and Dorit Tamir , who is also the founder of an .international chain of women’s book clubs for Hebrew readers.  Nowadays the company is led only by Dorit Tamir who acts as the company CEO. The translators and editors at the publishing house are among the best literary persons in Israel, and every book receives the highest level of translation, editing, proofreading, and design.
As part of the publisher’s vision, Tamir\\publishing indicates the names of the translators on the book covers. This is done due to the high regard we have for the labour of love, the translator has vested in the translation, in the effort to give an audience, who does not speak the source language the best experience possible.
The publisher’s books are sold directly through its dedicated website and on all major book website and book  stores throughout Israel. All books in the publishing house are published in both a digital edition and in printed version.